A Little Radical

We launched a comprehensive digital campaign to promote the launch of Jason and Danica Russell's book, "A Little Radical" alongside their worldwide book tour.
Non-Profit, E-Commerce
Spring 2018
Website, Social Media, Digital Marketing and Video

Our partnership with A Little Radical massively boosted their book sales & online revenue. Our social media campaign reached millions of impressions and was shared by high-profile celebrities, like Kristen Bell.

After graduating from USC film school, Jason Russell traveled to Africa and made a compelling documentary that eventually turned into the non-profit Invisible Children, Inc. With his wife always by his side, as an artist, art director, photographer, and script doctor – this team, was also responsible for producing the #KONY2012 campaign and phenomenon.

After spending over a decade teaching people how to fight injustice by taking action, Jason and Danica Russell decided to write their lessons learned in the sweetest and simplest way possible: a children’s book.

At NativelySpark, we love that our work on this campaign resulted in thousands of parents buying this book for their children -- inspiring and empowering a whole new generation of young people to change the world.

We were absolutely thrilled with how the project turned out.
Chad Clendinen, Project Manager
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“It was really valuable having Josh work with us. Our users were delighted with the experience.”

Jeff Russell
UX/UI Director
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